Monday, November 24, 2008

Gym Class (Super)Heroes

Starring Travis McCoy & Amanda Diva. This is funny, although I am not sure what's really going on. I guess they are trying to say that Hip Hop is kind of like Kenny from South Park. It dies in every episode. Ha ha. Oh and, Amanda Diva is so MF'ing sexy!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Young Buck Is Back... And He Wants It All!

Yeah. Buck is back. Where has he been? I guess he had to regroup after that infamous taped phone conversation. That's Okay, Buck. We welcome you back with open arms. This track is better than the Curtis album.

Young Buck - I Want It All
"I would tell y'all when my album comin' out but shit, I don't even know."

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Peter Rosenberg & Oddisee - A Rosenberg Oddisee

Radio personality Peter Rosenberg went in the studio with 8 artists and producer/rapper extraordinaire Oddisee and created this mini classics. My personal favorite tracks are "Tell The Truth" & "So Mafuckin' Soulful". The beats are insane and so are the tracks. Check them out!

01. Gratitude (Feat. Torae & Tiara Wiles)
02. So Mafuckin’ Soulful (Feat. Skyzoo)
03. Jealous Niggas (Feat. Daytona)
04. World War IV (Feat. Saigon & Lil Fame)
05. Where I Be At (Feat. Buckshot)
06. Tell The Truth (Feat. Nikki Jean)

The New U.S. President: Barack Obama

Congratulations To The First African American President in United States History,

President Barack Obama!

This would not be complete without some theme music provided to us by Nas, Johnny Polygon, Charles Hamilton, Asher Roth, and B.o.B.

Charles Hamilton, Asher Roth, & B.o.B. - Change Gon' Come (Prod. By Nick Fury)
Nas ft. Johnny Polygon - Black President (Prod. By DJ Green Lantern)

Ludacris - Theater Of The Mind (Tracklist Video Trailer)

Coming To A Theater Near You