Monday, June 29, 2009

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Drake ft. Phonte & Elzhi - Think Good Thoughts [Full]

Y'all remember I asked who has the full version of this song a while back? (Probably not) Well here it is courtesy of 2dopeboyz. This is my favorite Drake (The Rapper, not the singer) song hands down (well, "Don't You Have A Man" was pure fire too). I personally think Phonte had the best verse but Elzhi was close. Drake's verse was not bad though, the other verses were just so good.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Tyler Woods - Prove Myself

If you are still in the dark, Tyler Woods 9th Wonder's newest (well, not really newest) R&B artist. This dude has that soulful voice reminiscent of a Marvin Gaye. This track right here is so smooth and what better fit for a video location than a Rollerscating rink. Y'all remember going skating and there was always a group doing crazy tricks on the floor (or you just saw the movie ATL). 9th Wonder on the production. Check It Out.

Bonus: Rapsody, Tom Hardy & D. Mal - Shine (Produced By 9th Wonder) (Provided Courtesy of D. Mal)
Bonus: Wale ft. Mike Posner & Big Sean - Wonder Why (Produced By 9th Woder) (Provided Courtesty of 2dopeboyz)

Jamla Baby!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Clipse ft. Pharrell - I'm Good

New Track by Clipse featuring Pharell and the Neptunes on production. I heard a while back that there would be no Neptunes production on the new Clipse album. I'm glad that there will be though. The Clipse just fits so nicely over Neptunes beats. Til The Casket Drops coming soon.

The Alchemist ft. Maxwell & Twista - Smile

This is my favorite Alchemist joint that will be on the new album so far. He enlists the aid of Twista & Maxwell to create this song. Man, I hope I can find an acapella to this so we can get a Radio Raheim remix. Chemical Warfare drops July. Be sure to get it.

Download: Alchemist ft. Twista & Maxwell - Smile

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Where is "The Wonder Years" Ninfe?

The Wonder Years was supposed to be that breakout 9th Wonder album that was supposed to come out last year. Now that know Detox will be dropping soon and Raekwon will be dropping OBFCL2, I find myself asking "Where is The Wonder Years Ninfe?"

Here are a few songs that were supposed to be on the album:

Another 9th Wonder & David Banner Jam N The Works

I'm interested in hearing the project these two are cooking up. Everything I have heard thus far has been hot.