Monday, June 23, 2008

Producer Of The Week: Black Milk

Curtis Cross, better known as Black Milk, is a hip hop producer and MC from Detroit, Michigan.

He began his music career producing beats for his mother. In 2004, he formed B.R. Gunna, with Young RJ, and Fat Ray, and together they released Dirty District: Vol. 2, a follow up to a compilation released in 2001 by Slum Village in which he contributed production to also. Black Milk then released a solo album, called Sound of the City, Vol. 1, the following year and in 2006 he signed a record contract with Fat Beats Records. In the fall of 2006, he released an EP, entitled Broken Wax. 2007 saw the release of his second album, Popular Demand, on March 13, 2007.

In addition to Slum Village, Black Milk has worked with the likes of J Dilla, Elzhi, Phat Kat, Frank-N-Dank, Lloyd Banks, Canibus, and Pharoahe Monch, and handled almost all the production on T3's Olio mixtape of 2006.

In the Winter of 2007 Black Milk paired with Aftermath recording artist Bishop Lamont to release a mixtape entitled Caltroit, which was nominated for Best Hip Hop Mixtape at Justo's Mixtape Awards, putting him against the likes of Lil Wayne, Styles P, Big Mike, and DJ Khaled.

Black Milk will release a new album with Fat Ray entitled "The Set Up" on March 4, 2008. and looks to have his next official release "Tronic Summer" released in Summer 2008.

Personally, I have been following this dudes work for a minute. He is probably one of my favorite producers out now and I actually borrow a lot from him production style wise. Black milk has a sound very similar to the late Jay Dee (J Dilla). He is armed with heavy basslines, Dark snares, and very infectious kick and bass drums. He uses a style of sampling that is very different from many producers, chopping samples and arranging them in ways unthought of.


Sunday, June 22, 2008

Ice-T Responds To Soulja Boy

Okay, this is getting kind of lame. Please stop this because its very wack. Don't y'all got better things to do. Who would have ever thought that in 2008, Ice-T would have corny internet beef with a 17yr old rapper famous for lines like "Ya trick, Yaaa!!!".

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Soulja Boy Responds To Ice-T

This clip is funny. Ice-T who is a legend in west coast hip hop (and hip hop period) goes out and verbally disses Soulja Boy. As much as I agree that Soulja Boy's CD was pretty wack to me, I have to agree with much of what Soulja Boy said. Ice-T just really disrespected that kid saying what he said. And did Soulja Boy kill Hip Hop? No, Hip Hop is alive and kickin. Did Soulja Boy drop a slew of wack songs? Well, in my opinion, yes he did. Did he deserve the taunts by Ice-T. I don't think so. Soulja Boy is 17. Ice-T is 50. Ice-T just really made himself look like a kid. And yes, I do believe Ice-T was just trying to get back on the scene. Check out the Ice-T clip.

Dwele - Sketches Of A Man - 2008

The soul vocalist behind hits such as Slum Village's "Tainted" and more recently Kanye West's "Flashing Lights" is back with yet another solo album. Sketches Of A Man is a great R&B/Neo Soulish style album lead by the clever single "I'm Cheatin'". Is it me, or is there a lot of talent being overlooked coming out of Detroit. Clear up some space on your ipods for this one.

NYoil - Y'all Should All Get Lynched (Animated Version)

This is the new animated version of the video. But here is the irony: BET gave the green light to create the video. That's really ironic. Maybe BET is trying to change their ways or maybe its an image move. Whatever it is, I like this video. They should air it on BET and I'm looking forward to more from NYoil (Hood Treason was a pretty solid album).

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

New Erykah Badu/New Nas

The Erykah Badu joint is a Remix of the Healer (Produced By Madlib) that features Pharoahe Monch ("P is a walkin time bomb like tick tick tick tick...") who is an excellent addition to a track I already was feelin in this first place. Let's get a remix to Honey!!! The Nas joint features DJ Khaled (who actually is not annoying me much on the track) and has a beat (kind of sounds like that We Takin Over joint) that you would not fathom Nasir on. He killed the track though in typical Nas fashion.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Producer Of The Week: DJ Toomp

DJ Toomp (born Aldrin Davis in 1969) is an American record producer and DJ who works in Atlanta, Georgia. He is known for producing T.I.'s chart-topping hit, "What You Know." More recently, he contributed to production on Kanye West's Graduation, including producing the singles "Can't Tell Me Nothing" and "Good Life" with West, and the song "Say Hello" on Jay-Z's latest album American Gangster. He and hip hop veteran Bernard Parks, Jr. have launched their own record label called NZone Entertainment.

DJ Toomp is known for his unique snares that can be heard on almost every single T.I. song he produced since early 2000s.
He recently just earned his first R&B credit for producing "I'll Be Lovin' U Long Time", a track on Mariah Carey's new album, and calls it a "dynamite of a song".


Friday, June 13, 2008

R. Kelly Is Not Guilty???

R. Kelly's trial has ended (it took forever for it to begin in the first place) as he was found not guilty on ALL charges. While this does not amaze me as I thought he would never go to trial (things would fade to black) in the first place, it does amaze me how a middle aged man could pee on and have sex with a thirteen year old girl on VIDEO and get away with ALL CHARGES!!! He is the new millenium OJ Simpson. The only difference is at least OJ didn't videotape himself killing his WIFE. Let's imagine that an average everyday guy had committed the crime. Right now, he would have already been in prison (for some years). Wow, celebrity is the best defense to any crime. Ok Kells, you made it past that one, but let's try to stay away from the little girls please (wow, what 13 yr old girl let's somebody PEE on them. There are 4 yr olds out there that would have beat fire outta him for trying to do that to them).

Monday, June 9, 2008

Little Brother - And Justus For All (The Album)

"And Justus For All will be the 4th album but more like a official mixtape by American hip-hop group Little Brother. It is scheduled for release on June 10th, 2008 with seven all-new tracks on the iTunes version and five new tracks on the CD Version. As well as mastered versions of nine tracks from their 2007 Mick Boogie mixtape of the same name. "Black Light Special" features the duo teaming up again with their former group mate 9th Wonder for an instant head-nodder. "Black Light Special" will be available on the iTunes version only as well as "Do Ya Thang," which is one of four new tracks produced by frequent collaborator Khrysis."


I hear LB may never do another album together. Why did I see this coming? Little Brother will just be Phonte Coleman soon (not a bad thing, but don't you miss the Minstrel Show days).


1. Can't Stop Us feat. Chaundon (Produced By: Young Cee)
2. Delusional feat. Oddisee (Produced By: Oddisee)
3. Life Of The Party Remix feat. Skillz and Carlitta Durand (Produced By: Nottz)
4. Best Kept Secret feat. Legacy (Produced By: RJD2)
5. Do It To Death feat. Rhymefest and Supastition (Produced By: Focus)
6. A Word From Our Sponsors feat. Von Pea (of Tanya Morgan) (Produced By: Khrysis)
7. Too Late For Us feat. Tye Phoenix (Produced By: DJ Spinna)
8. Cool As A Fan (Produced By: Khrysis)
9. Never Leave (Produced By: Kickdrums)
10. The Pressure (Produced By: Khrysis)
11. Lose It feat. Jozeemo (Produced By: Khrysis)
12. Fan Mail feat. Joe Scudda, Darien Brockington (Produced By: Babu)
13. Stylin feat. Oh No (Produced By: Khrysis)
14. Cross That Line (Remix) feat. Kardinal Offishall (Produced By: 9th Wonder)
15. Back At It (Remix) feat. Cormega (Produced By: Khrysis)
16. Time Of Your Life feat. Carlitta Durand (Produced By: Designated Hitters)

Celtics Win Game 2 (LOL @ Lakers Fans)

Boston beat the Lakers, again. You could just see the anger in Kobe's face. Lakers made a good comeback near the end but sadly, it wasn't enough. Oh well, "Tough luck nigga" (c) Dave Chappelle. Let's see how the celtics do in LA.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

New Nas (Official Single) - Hero

This joint features Keri Hilson and is produced by Polow Da Don. The beat is a little techno-ish but has some good pop appeal and the lyrics are Nas-like as usual. Overall the joint is hot and I hope it gets that radio play.