Monday, May 25, 2009

Charles Hamilton Gets Rocked By Angry Girl

This video is mad funny. Charles Hamilton makes this girl angry and she writes an angry rap about him and he does what Mr. Hamilton would do, make the situation worst by battle rapping her and airing her personal business out in his rap. So what does she do. She delivers a stiff right!

Whoa Mr. Hamilton. First you go get humiliated by Rhymefest, then you start stealing beats, and now you're getting punched by girls on TV. I hope she wasn't from Brooklyn. How ironic would that be? Ladies & Gentlemen, this dude is a clown. Ha ha! for real though, I liked that joint he did over Black Spades beat (even though he claimed he did that beat). By the way, this picture had me rollin all day!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Cool Kids - Gone Fishing + Hollyweerd - Candy For Kleptos

Still sleeping on The Cool Kids? Check out this mixtape presented by Don Cannon with features like Bun B, Ludacris, GLC, & Ryan Leslie. My favs in this tape are "Champions", "Jump Rope" & "Summer Vacation". When Fish Ride Bicycles coming soon.

Next up, we have Stago Lee, Love Crusader, Tuki, & Dreamer collectively known as Hollyweerd. These dudes have been going hard since they dropped that Weerdo track. Tape after tape of dopeness reminscent of the style of Outkast with a dash of the Neptunes sound but still very unique. Is it me or do they always seem to have the dopest abum art. I'm loving the track "Classic". Check out the latest mixtape.

M-Phazes Working On That New Amerie Album

Amerie (Singer) + M-Phazes (Producer). Yeah, I am a really big fan of both here. Two very underestimated artists, in my opinion, will be working together. Amerie did not want to be included on the video footage (that sux) but I just want to hear the collaboration which everyone keeps saying is "a lot of people's favorite".

Some Albums To Check Out

Ozy Reigns - Exciting Times
My Fav Tracks:
10. 93 BPM's
12. Reign Of Fire
20. Dreamers


Draft - Forever Yung

My Fav Tracks:
1. Forever Young
5. Early and Late
4. Let's Roll


J.Nolan - Chasing Cool

My Fav Tracks:
1. Intro
9. Chasing Cool
12. 3rd Time's a Charm


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Rhymefest - Chicago

What can I say, this video is pretty dope. The video is based off the comic books.

And as an Added Bonus I give you a classic Kanye West video...
Kanye West ft. Harlem Boys Chior, Freeway, & Mos Def - Two Words (From "College Dropout")