Friday, November 13, 2009

Throwback: Pastor Troy - This Tha City

The year is 2000 (or 2001, I forget). I'm watching BET (back when they were a good channel) and they throw on this video. Now I had heard PT before but that was the first time I had actually seen him. And what a song This Tha City was. It was (arguably) the best Pastor Troy song (well, Vice Versa was better) ever. Let's Reminisce...

Pac Div - Whiplash/Young Black Male

2 for the price of... none. Some visuals for two tracks from the last Pac Div mixtape, Church League Champions. I wasn't really feeling Young Black Male much but Whiplash was my joint. We need some more new Pac Div music now!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

What have you been up to Radio?

I know I've been absent (yeah right, this ain't high school yo) from the blog as of late but I've been working very hard on improving my beats, so every moment I've had that I wasn't at my 9 to 5 (more like 4PM to 3AM), I have been working on either getting beats out there to artists or making beats.

Here's some things that I have completed:

Scrub - The Devil On Me (prod. by Radio Raheim) by Radio Raheim

J.Nolan - Ain't Fooling Me (prod. by Radio Raheim) by Radio Raheim

And here is a beat I made today:

I Made It by Radio Raheim

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Torae & Marco Polo ft. DJ Revolution - Double Barrel

This is the title track to Torae & Marco Polo's Double Barrel album. I had to post this because this is my favorite track on the album (aside from Ge It, which is also a banger). The visuals match this song totally. This is one of those songs that make you want to get up and dropkick your computer (but you won't because you can't afford another one). Phenomal scratching is also displayed by DJ Revolution on the hook. Check it out.

Throwback: Twista ft. Ms. Kane - Get It Wet

Twista - Get It Wet

I remember going nuts when this video used to come on on The Box back in 96-97ish. This was my ish back in the day & until now, I thought everyone had heard of this one. I can't believe how many people have told me that the first time they heard twista was on Kanye's Slow Jams. What!? Anyway, check the part of the video where Twista turns into a tornado & becomes different people. That was so dope. This whole video was dope.

Twista ft. Ms. Kane - Get It Wet

Also, ain't it funny how Wetter sounds just like Get It Wet?

Friday, September 4, 2009

Wiz Khalifa - B.A.R. (Burn After Rolling)

I've been a fan of (most) of Pittsburg's own Wiz Khalifa's music since I heard Youngin On His Grind and What It Used To Be on Nicolay's album. His latest joints, however, I have not been feelin much but I am feeling this one. His flow is a lot different now (why is everybody switching to this same flow nowadays?). Whoever did this beat needs a certificate of appreciation.

Also, compare his current flow with his old flow. Notice the difference?



KRS-One & Buckshot ft. Mary J. Blige - The Way I Live (Prod. By Black Milk)

I've been waiting for this joint to drop. And now here it is (thanx to those 2DopeBoyz). No more needs to be said. The title of the track, the artists, & (definitely) the producer is all that needs to be known to know that this one is a banger. Drum Roll PLEASE.

Buckshot & KRS-One ft. Mary J. Blige - The Way I Live (Prod. By Black Milk)

What happened to Acapellas?!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Saigon ft. Red 5ive (aka Just Blaze) - Gotta Believe It

I've been feeling this joint for a while now and it gets even better with the video. Peep the imagery. Yo Saigon, Greatest Story Never Told? Are we just gonna act like it never existed? Warning Shots 2 coming in October.

Saigon Ft. Red 5ive (Just Blaze) - Gotta Believe It

Monday, August 17, 2009

Dwele - Travelin' Girl

This is definitely one of the standout joints on his album Sketches Of A Man and the video is great also. The video is shot like a live performance with the song altered with live instrumentation. This ish is dope. Why are folks still sleeping on Dwele?

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Mally - The Passion

The next album to drop from Minneapolis rapper Mally (minus the "From the 612"). The punchlines are vicious! All 10 tracks are produced by Mydus. This one is guaranteed to be food for your mind, soul, and ears. Check it out.

Mally - The Passion (Produced By Mydus)

"If you throw a mic at 'em I treat it like Joseph" (c) Mally - Remember That

Monday, July 13, 2009

Slaughterhouse - The One

New video from the group Slaughterhouse. If you still don't know who Slaughterhouse is, then go in your medicine cabinet and eat all of the pills (nah just kidding). Slaughterhouse is Crooked I, Joell Ortiz, Royce Da 5'9" & Joe Budden. Each member is lyrically potent enough to kill your favorite rappers but together they're like the atom bomb. The self titled abum drops early August. By the way, DJ Khalil has been dropping hit after hit lately.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Rapper Big Pooh - Calling

I don't know where this track came from or where its going. All I can say is this song is certified dopeness. I wonder why this wasn't on The Delightful Bars (or one of its 4 different versions anyway). Check it out.

Clipse ft. Pharrell & Keri Hilson - Eyes On Me

Clipse continues to drop hits with this new track off of Til The Casket Drops. This one is produced by The Neptunes (another Neptunes track on the album. Yeah!) and features Pharrell and a small contribution from the (very) sexy Keri Hilson. These dudes are sooo underrated.

Clipse ft. Pharrell & Keri Hilson - Eyes On Me (Prod. By The Neptunes)

Oh, and did you know that Little Brother - Dreams was supposed to feature Pusha T of Clipse?

Drake - Best I Ever Had

New video for Drake's "Best I Ever Had". This was the standout joint on his last mixtape So Far Gone. This video is directed by Mr. Kanye West (and you can tell by the number of big breasted women in the video. lol.). Check it out. Download the track and the instrumental below.

Download: Drake - Best I Ever Had (Prod. By Boi-1da) ---> Album Version | Instrumental

Monday, June 29, 2009

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Drake ft. Phonte & Elzhi - Think Good Thoughts [Full]

Y'all remember I asked who has the full version of this song a while back? (Probably not) Well here it is courtesy of 2dopeboyz. This is my favorite Drake (The Rapper, not the singer) song hands down (well, "Don't You Have A Man" was pure fire too). I personally think Phonte had the best verse but Elzhi was close. Drake's verse was not bad though, the other verses were just so good.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Tyler Woods - Prove Myself

If you are still in the dark, Tyler Woods 9th Wonder's newest (well, not really newest) R&B artist. This dude has that soulful voice reminiscent of a Marvin Gaye. This track right here is so smooth and what better fit for a video location than a Rollerscating rink. Y'all remember going skating and there was always a group doing crazy tricks on the floor (or you just saw the movie ATL). 9th Wonder on the production. Check It Out.

Bonus: Rapsody, Tom Hardy & D. Mal - Shine (Produced By 9th Wonder) (Provided Courtesy of D. Mal)
Bonus: Wale ft. Mike Posner & Big Sean - Wonder Why (Produced By 9th Woder) (Provided Courtesty of 2dopeboyz)

Jamla Baby!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Clipse ft. Pharrell - I'm Good

New Track by Clipse featuring Pharell and the Neptunes on production. I heard a while back that there would be no Neptunes production on the new Clipse album. I'm glad that there will be though. The Clipse just fits so nicely over Neptunes beats. Til The Casket Drops coming soon.

The Alchemist ft. Maxwell & Twista - Smile

This is my favorite Alchemist joint that will be on the new album so far. He enlists the aid of Twista & Maxwell to create this song. Man, I hope I can find an acapella to this so we can get a Radio Raheim remix. Chemical Warfare drops July. Be sure to get it.

Download: Alchemist ft. Twista & Maxwell - Smile

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Where is "The Wonder Years" Ninfe?

The Wonder Years was supposed to be that breakout 9th Wonder album that was supposed to come out last year. Now that know Detox will be dropping soon and Raekwon will be dropping OBFCL2, I find myself asking "Where is The Wonder Years Ninfe?"

Here are a few songs that were supposed to be on the album:

Another 9th Wonder & David Banner Jam N The Works

I'm interested in hearing the project these two are cooking up. Everything I have heard thus far has been hot.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Charles Hamilton Gets Rocked By Angry Girl

This video is mad funny. Charles Hamilton makes this girl angry and she writes an angry rap about him and he does what Mr. Hamilton would do, make the situation worst by battle rapping her and airing her personal business out in his rap. So what does she do. She delivers a stiff right!

Whoa Mr. Hamilton. First you go get humiliated by Rhymefest, then you start stealing beats, and now you're getting punched by girls on TV. I hope she wasn't from Brooklyn. How ironic would that be? Ladies & Gentlemen, this dude is a clown. Ha ha! for real though, I liked that joint he did over Black Spades beat (even though he claimed he did that beat). By the way, this picture had me rollin all day!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Cool Kids - Gone Fishing + Hollyweerd - Candy For Kleptos

Still sleeping on The Cool Kids? Check out this mixtape presented by Don Cannon with features like Bun B, Ludacris, GLC, & Ryan Leslie. My favs in this tape are "Champions", "Jump Rope" & "Summer Vacation". When Fish Ride Bicycles coming soon.

Next up, we have Stago Lee, Love Crusader, Tuki, & Dreamer collectively known as Hollyweerd. These dudes have been going hard since they dropped that Weerdo track. Tape after tape of dopeness reminscent of the style of Outkast with a dash of the Neptunes sound but still very unique. Is it me or do they always seem to have the dopest abum art. I'm loving the track "Classic". Check out the latest mixtape.

M-Phazes Working On That New Amerie Album

Amerie (Singer) + M-Phazes (Producer). Yeah, I am a really big fan of both here. Two very underestimated artists, in my opinion, will be working together. Amerie did not want to be included on the video footage (that sux) but I just want to hear the collaboration which everyone keeps saying is "a lot of people's favorite".

Some Albums To Check Out

Ozy Reigns - Exciting Times
My Fav Tracks:
10. 93 BPM's
12. Reign Of Fire
20. Dreamers


Draft - Forever Yung

My Fav Tracks:
1. Forever Young
5. Early and Late
4. Let's Roll


J.Nolan - Chasing Cool

My Fav Tracks:
1. Intro
9. Chasing Cool
12. 3rd Time's a Charm


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Rhymefest - Chicago

What can I say, this video is pretty dope. The video is based off the comic books.

And as an Added Bonus I give you a classic Kanye West video...
Kanye West ft. Harlem Boys Chior, Freeway, & Mos Def - Two Words (From "College Dropout")

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

9th Wonder, E. Jones, & David Banner in the Stu

And as an added bonus......

The beat 9th submitted to Nas

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Free Warm Up Beat Produced By Radio Raheim

Okay. So I usually never give anything out free (including beats, money, gifts, and affection lol) but this was just a little 5 minute sample chopping session (literally, there is only samples and no extra drums or instrumentation) I had with a sample I already used a while back so if you wanna go ahead and use it, feel free. As a matter of fact, If you want let me hear it, go ahead. I like hearing new music so I'm always game for a listen. Just post it in the comments or something. Oh, and I know the image is pretty random but I always thought Beast was pretty dope.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Unlikely Collaboration From Joe Scudda & ... T-Pain?

Athens, GA turned NC rapper Joe Scudda teams up with Hit-Hook-maker, autotune champion, and rappa ternt sanga ternt rappa-sanga (kinda) T-Pain for a surprisingly smooth, mellow, and jazzy song with NO AUTOTUNE INCLUDED. I think this was one of the non-autotune tracks on Thr33 Ringz originally. Check this one out NOW! Joe Scudda's "Fashionably Late" album coming soon.

Download: Joe Scudda ft. T-Pain - Keep On Drinkin' (Thanks 2DopeBoyz)

Mally - What A Life (Prod. By Radio Raheim)

This track comes from Minneapolis emcee Mally. If you never heard of him, check out his previous two albums The Letter and The Moment on datpiff. The track is called What A Life and is produced by me (Radio Raheim). It will be appearing on his new album, "Return Of The Nice".

Download: Mally - What A Life (Thanks

Thursday, February 19, 2009

J Haze - Uncle Mann: The Return Of The Beat Record

Like production greats Madlib, Flying Lotus, and the late great James "J. Dilla" Yancey, Atlanta producer J Haze compiles an album full of elaborately sampled and soulful compositions. For the fans of the beat albums (like myself), this one is sure to appease your hunger for soul. Look out for J Haze production on Draft's "Forever Young" album coming soon.

Draft ft. Sean MC - That's Us (Prod. By The Beat Medic)

This video is for the first single off of Atlanta rapper's Draft album "Forever Young". From what I have heard so far, this album is sure to be dope.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A.P. - This Is What...

This A.P. is really starting to impress me with the music he has been putting out. All truth, I know nothing about this dude except for that he is somehow affiliated with Styles P or D Block. This is my favorite A.P. track thus far (It sounds like a Black Milk beat) and there is a video to it now. Check it out.

A Lil Edu-ma-Cation from 9th Wonder