Sunday, May 24, 2009

Some Albums To Check Out

Ozy Reigns - Exciting Times
My Fav Tracks:
10. 93 BPM's
12. Reign Of Fire
20. Dreamers


Draft - Forever Yung

My Fav Tracks:
1. Forever Young
5. Early and Late
4. Let's Roll


J.Nolan - Chasing Cool

My Fav Tracks:
1. Intro
9. Chasing Cool
12. 3rd Time's a Charm



Ozy Reigns said...

Thanx for pluggin the project homie. 4 real!

Empress Journee' said...

Yeah I like those tracks too but livin on that Ozy Reigns project is bonkers

Radio Raheim said...

No Prob man. Thanx for making such a dope album. I like that "LivN" too but I only wanted to list three tracks for each album and I was bangin the other 3 at the time.

"The South Got Something To Say"
-Andre Benjamin