Thursday, June 18, 2009

Tyler Woods - Prove Myself

If you are still in the dark, Tyler Woods 9th Wonder's newest (well, not really newest) R&B artist. This dude has that soulful voice reminiscent of a Marvin Gaye. This track right here is so smooth and what better fit for a video location than a Rollerscating rink. Y'all remember going skating and there was always a group doing crazy tricks on the floor (or you just saw the movie ATL). 9th Wonder on the production. Check It Out.

Bonus: Rapsody, Tom Hardy & D. Mal - Shine (Produced By 9th Wonder) (Provided Courtesy of D. Mal)
Bonus: Wale ft. Mike Posner & Big Sean - Wonder Why (Produced By 9th Woder) (Provided Courtesty of 2dopeboyz)

Jamla Baby!

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