Thursday, June 19, 2008

Soulja Boy Responds To Ice-T

This clip is funny. Ice-T who is a legend in west coast hip hop (and hip hop period) goes out and verbally disses Soulja Boy. As much as I agree that Soulja Boy's CD was pretty wack to me, I have to agree with much of what Soulja Boy said. Ice-T just really disrespected that kid saying what he said. And did Soulja Boy kill Hip Hop? No, Hip Hop is alive and kickin. Did Soulja Boy drop a slew of wack songs? Well, in my opinion, yes he did. Did he deserve the taunts by Ice-T. I don't think so. Soulja Boy is 17. Ice-T is 50. Ice-T just really made himself look like a kid. And yes, I do believe Ice-T was just trying to get back on the scene. Check out the Ice-T clip.

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