Friday, June 13, 2008

R. Kelly Is Not Guilty???

R. Kelly's trial has ended (it took forever for it to begin in the first place) as he was found not guilty on ALL charges. While this does not amaze me as I thought he would never go to trial (things would fade to black) in the first place, it does amaze me how a middle aged man could pee on and have sex with a thirteen year old girl on VIDEO and get away with ALL CHARGES!!! He is the new millenium OJ Simpson. The only difference is at least OJ didn't videotape himself killing his WIFE. Let's imagine that an average everyday guy had committed the crime. Right now, he would have already been in prison (for some years). Wow, celebrity is the best defense to any crime. Ok Kells, you made it past that one, but let's try to stay away from the little girls please (wow, what 13 yr old girl let's somebody PEE on them. There are 4 yr olds out there that would have beat fire outta him for trying to do that to them).

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