Saturday, August 9, 2008

New Drake/ New Busta Rhymes

This first track comes from Drake. It's called "Still Fly" because the beat uses the same melody as Big Tymer's "Still Fly" (my favorite Big Tymers song). I have to say that Drake makes some hot music. I never would have thought that he was nice since that track he put out with Trey Songs was WHACK (in my opinion). Anybody who can find the full track by Drake called "Think Good Thoughts" featuring Phonte (Tay spazzed on this one) & Elzhi and produced by 9th Wonder (Anita Baker's "Sweet Love" is so well flipped), please feel free to hit me up with it. I really would like to hear the Elzhi verse. That track is thus far my favorite Drake track (even better than "Don't You Have A Man").

Drake -Still Fly

Drake ft. Elzhi & Phonte - Think Good Thoughts (Shortened mixtape vesion) [Prod. By 9th Wonder]

People always talk about their greatest rappers lists best & Emcee's and etc. Sometimes the lists are reasonable and sometimes you want to quote Rick James ("Cocaine is a hell of a drug"). Somebody seriously told me that Gucci Mane was the greatest rapper to bless a mic. Not hatin on Gucci Mane, but seriously, THE BEST. Nah. Well, one man who deserves to be on that list is Busta Rhymes. This is one of the few rappers in the game who can easily stay relevant and still please the various hip hop fans (the clubbers, the thugs, the herbs, the backpackers, the old schoolers, etc.). This track is called "Packin Them Things" and has a really mellow beat. Busta wisely utilizes his crazy/funny flow on this track spittin out all kinds of crazy funny lines. Whether he is being funny or serious, the man knows how to keep the attention of his listeners. He masters a topical flow, delivering potent punchlines, delivery, and Jeezy's favorite "The Adlib" ("THAT'S RIGGGHHHTTTT!!!!). Check out the track.

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