Friday, August 1, 2008

Big Boi & Mary J. Blige Say "Sumthin's Gotta Give"

This is the video for Big Boi's first official single off of his upcoming album Sir Lucious Leftfoot... Son Of Chico Dusty. Personally I liked "Royal Flush" better but this track is a little more radio friendly and delivers a great message. My favorite line is when he says

"The great debators debate about who's the greatest MC/Subject matter don't matter because the verses' empty/No food for thought, Nothing for the brain to digest/So I guess it be about who can jive talk the best."

That's what I've been telling everybody for the longest. Yeah your favorite rapper can brag about how good he/she is but can he/she spit a verse on a certain topic without branching off into... well, themselves? Anyway, check out the video.

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