Friday, July 4, 2008

A Brazilian Hov?

A lot of American Gangster remix albums have circulated around within the last 6 months and it seems like every producer has one in their catalogue. Man, even I did one (I never put it out there and never will. Ha Ha!). Out of the all of the remix albums, this one was most interesting to me. It has a more Bossa Nova, Jazzy sound to it (and I love jazz). This is the most laidback chill but still very musical version of American Gangster I have heard. I like how each beat crafted by Brazil 5000 gives new life to each track. My favorites are Roc Boys, Pray, Success, Party Life, I Know, & Fallin.

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The C.E.O. said...

Usually I don't do remix albums but I'll check this one out. Yo u got some dope beats on the player! Keep posting...

... and why does blogger make me put in ikpqhiq just so I can comment??? Wack