Thursday, July 31, 2008

Crazy @ss Mugshot!!!

Okay so Naledge & Double O (Kidz in The Hall) were involved in a confrontation at an Arizona club. Double O got beat down by a couple of bouncers causing him to need hospitalization. Naledge got out there in time to do what?... TAKE PICTURES of his fallen homie!!! What?! You're not gonna help that man fight off them bouncers dude? Anyway after taking pictures, he was arrested for obstruction and this mugshot was taken. If I were one of the officers there, I would have made him RETAKE HIS MUGSHOT. Was homie trying to be silly at a time like this or was he just so terribly tipsy that he couldn't see the seriousness in this situation. Your friend needed hospitalization and surgery from a beating he took and you're auditioning for The Mask 3? Anyway, check it out. This pic had me rollin'!


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The C.E.O. said...

Yea thata one of the sweetest mugshots ever!... Yo who leaks mugshots away???